Magnetic Biological Stimulator

Welcome to our information page on the Masor Treatment Unit.

These units have been used beginning with the athletic race horse market in the early 1980's and allowed to market for the treatment of human chronic pain in 1989 with a peer reviewed, medical publication. These same units are still in use today, and we find it quite difficult, no, almost impossible to get the people that own them to give them up.  I used to be at a NRC facility and when we designed devices for life support, they had to pass some pretty stringent standards.  These units were Class 4, Hospital Grade, with CSA approval.

We have now developed a new product, which is based on years of research and usage, which can be used to alleviate your acute and chronic pain.  When the pain goes away, you forget that you had it.  You do not need to keep going to someone to get more consumables.  That is their market, and we have all seen how that one has worked out over the years. 

Ours is Long Term, as this new device lasts forever so once you get one, you don't need keep chasing the rainbow.  Just give yourself a short treatment, and get on with life. Take it to bed with you and treat your partner.

They will love you forever!  The cat and dog will too!

Repairs and parts for your unit can be accessed by contacting us at our

For more information on our new units, please visit us at the Cottage Pain Clinic. 

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